The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore

In one month (from yesterday), my closest friend Brittany will officially be Mrs. Gilmore!?

Seth, you’re definitely one lucky man… (and this I think he knows.) :)

Before Seth and Matthew, Brittany and I had initially planned on marrying twins. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Sort of, anyway. Seth and Matthew are actually probably about as close as it gets for two guys who aren’t related to be similar enough to make a person wonder if they could possibly be twins. Or at least brothers or cousins. I think it was a Webster’s Chapel/Covenant thing. Their personalities and mannerisms are so similiar it’s a bit scary at times. Lucky for Britt and I, I guess, since we’re both so much alike as well (with the exception of her E versus my I). Along with marrying twins, we also planned to live close to one another and to raise our children together. That seemed to be less and less likely the more Matthew progressed in his Secondary Math Education degree. His cousin wanted to get us up to Chattanooga, TN to work in the school system he is over. But now that Matthew went back to an Accounting major (again :) ), we’re planning on staying in sweet home Alabama. Which is completely another God-thing in itself… I’ll let him explain that one later.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures up within the next month of the wedding.

233 days for Matthew and me!


One thought on “The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore

  1. ezerqadash

    :)God most definitely knows whats up. :)i love you really big, my’s amazing how the boys are alike in all the right ways and SO DIFFERENT in others (i.e. matthew suits you and seth suits me) all too well.can’t wait to rock our babies to sleep on the same front porch :)


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