Well I don’t really know where to begin….I am sooo amazingly and wonderfully blessed! I have a job at the Anniston Army Depot for co-op of my Accounting degree at Jacksonville State. I hardly can believe how everything is coming together, but then again i can. It all goes back to a conversation I had with one of my friends and mentors. A few years ago I was really worried about my degree choice and where i was going with my life. I had been in college for 3 years and I really couldn’t make up my mind. He told me that pray and go with what you have peace with. And I thought it wasn’t that easy. He said that even if I didn’t have complete peace, and I did pick a wrong route, God would still get me exactly where I needed to be if i was seeking him. I chose math that day. Believe it or not, I am not in math: back to accounting. But that exact move secured a math minor for me, and furthermore my job at the depot. God is amazing! He has grown my relationship with the love of my life(my beautiful fiance) , and He has me right where He wants me. I couldn’t ask for anything more!
all i have to say is

jeramiah 29:11


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