Midnight rambling (a.k.a. procrastination…)

228 days and counting… slowly.

I’m so ready to be married to this boy. This man that my sweet and steadfast Savior created for me and me for him. Every day seems to stretch longer and longer as I anticipate getting closer and closer to being Mrs. Cunningham. I know I should be treasuring these days, the last remaining days of being “single.” Not single as in available, but single as in still being one in my own self. But how can I be content when my entire being is wanting and ready to be one with Matthew now. I’m ready for us as one to pursue the life that God created for us to live and journey through together. Everyone keeps telling me that these days are going to fly by, that our wedding day will be here before we know it. We’ve been engaged 3 months, and it seems more like 3 years. Not really seeming to “fly by” yet. I’m sure it will once classes start back and Matthew starts working at the Depot… but until then, I’m praying for strength to be patient and to enjoy these last remaining months as simply Tara.

And a side note, if anyone gets the chance, read 1 Corinthians 6:16-20 from The Message. Beautiful. I’ll just go ahead and post a direct link to it…


One thought on “Midnight rambling (a.k.a. procrastination…)

  1. ezerqadash

    as i’ve said before, i feel you on the whole impatience deal.all i can say is…keep doing what you’re doing. …i watched you wait and let a lot of great guys go by (as in…you turned them down) because you knew that God had something really special in store for you. …i praise God that now you are called to have patience in waiting for the most important step you’ll ever take with matthew…(instead of still waiting for that guy). i praise our sweet, sweet Creator for choosing to allow us this life transition so close to one another. this transition time is tricky, it’s a kind of limbo that is severe and sweet all wrapped into one. it’s really odd because it’s either the sweetest or the most frustrating and dangerous time for your heart. the secret lies where your heart lies…either in your own hands, your fiance’s hands, or your Savior’s hands…and it’s pretty obvious where yours is. :)so girl, there isn’t really anything i can say that you don’t already know. so, keep it up. when you can officially say “i’m getting married next month,” and you can see your LOVELY single life adventure quickly closing in…i have no doubt in my mind that you’ll look back on this time and say to yourself “i have waited so long for this moment…but i can honestly say that i have enjoyed every moment and not wished it all away.”just stay the way you are….susan the gentle… my lovely sister in christ. i am proud to be considered a dear friend… it is truly an honor.


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