BS Anon and social work.

Slight realization here… Matthew and I, I’m afraid, are addicted to bumper stickers on Facebook.

Hehe… this is the one I just sent him. If you can’t see it well enough, it says “lettuce love you.”
(FYI: Matthew’s allergic to lettuce. Seriously.)
So, anyone know of a Bumper Stickers Anonymous around?
Speaking of BSAnon, this week I have to attend an open AA or NA meeting for my Substance Abuse class. One more thing to enhance the inner social worker, I guess. Pretty sure I’m already bad enough. I’m slowly beginning to realize that I can’t even have a nice long conversation with anyone without bringing in social work and the issues related to the field. Maybe that was a trick enduced on us in Crisis Intervention when we went through “stress therapy,” or hypnosis as we found out. Neat, huh? Apparently, I’ve been hypnotized. At least I can lower my stress level easier now. Sometimes I wonder just how much I annoy Matthew with all this social work gab… But, he does like to go on about how crappy JSU’s math department and professors are. I think we’re both just bound to be loony by the time we’re 30. At least we’ll be fun. :)

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