Chandler’s first month

So much has happened since Chandler became a Cunningham…

He had his first experience with the veterinarian, which Matthew had to take him to since I have class and work from 9:45am to 6pm. He had his first physical examination, which involved his first experience with a thermometer and his first shot. Definitely thankful I wasn’t there for that. I don’t think I could handle seeing him get a shot. The vet also found 2 ticks, one in each of his inner ears, which he had to remove as well. Another thing I’m thankful I wasn’t there for. From what Matthew said, he did a lot of howling and crying while having them removed. He’s much better now, though, and still tick-free as of today.
But before that, though, he had his first b-a-t-h. (He already knows the word…). Once again, Matthew was the one who had to go through that one with him alone. It was the day after we decided to keep him, so he was still not completely used to us. He did a lot of howling and crying through that as well, but mainly because of the 2 unknown ticks in his ears. Apparently, the water didn’t feel too great on them. His second and third baths have been much calmer and more productive (according to Matthew…. I’m telling you, I’m a bad owner).
He’s also had his first toys: yellow shirt, flip flop, rawhide bone, and tennis ball, along with random sticks and tufts of grass and leaves.
Oh, and his first trip to the park. It would be that two introverts would have a very social puppy. It took us 30 minutes to just make 2 laps around the track. Kids were running up to him to pet him, he was interested in everything new and different so he had to explore, and trying to escape the leash by chewing on it and trying to pull away from it every chance he got. But like the baths, each time we all have been since have been much better.
He’s also had a very sad first… his first bout with worms. Luckily, they were just intestinal roundworms, so we could treat them pretty easily. He has a follow-up with his vet next week, so hopefully he’ll do an additional examination to see if Chandler needs any additional treatments. We’re hoping he’s worm-free now and just needs to be put on a worm-prevention medication or something similar to that.
And today, he had another first: his first exploration of the house. We have kept him outside in the carport since he’s been an outside dog his entire life; but, soon we’re about to start housetraining him. I guess right now we’re just trying to get him used to being in the house and to become familiar with everything inside. He seemed to really like it; he didn’t want to go back outside. Matthew’s neighbor, Tiffany, is going to help us in the whole process. She’s supposed to be pretty awesome in teaching obedience with dogs.
He’s also learning how to play fetch, tug-of-war, and Jimmy (Matthew’s dad) has been working with him to teach him how to shake hands. The healthier he gets, the more playful (and hyper) he gets. But he’s tons of fun. We’re definitely looking forward to when he gets old enough to start taking him on bigger adventures with us, like hiking and camping. Right now, though, we’re just sticking to trips to the park and getting him used to car rides.

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