So much good all around

So much has happened the past two weeks, with very little time to blog…

The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore were married June 13th, and now are back from their honeymoon in St. Augustine. Sunburnt and glowing.

Mr. and Mrs. Cochran were married the week after, June 20th, and are now on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean. Jealous? Very much.

Congrats to our friends Robert and Megan for their new baby! And Titus for his new brother or sister! You guys are in our prayers, both here and when you’re in Nepal. Love you all, dearly.

On a both sad, but good note… Chandler was bit this past Friday by a snake. Luckily, he was close to the house, so Matthew’s dad heard him yelp and cry. From what I understand, Holly went outside and found him, then she and Matthew took him to the vet. The vet told them that the venom was from a poisonous snake, but that he was going to be alright. He dosed Chandler up with some meds, and since we’ve been keeping him regularly on his antibiotics and ibuprofen. I had been at work that morning and Matthew had decided to wait until after the visit to the vet before he called me. Very good call on his part. Otherwise, I would have hightailed it back to Hokes Bluff in a panicked frenzy. Since Sunday, he’s been back to his happy, spunky self. That little dog has been quite an adventure for us both the past two months that we’ve had him. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, though. Oh, and he also has gotten a new nickname out of the whole ordeal: snakebite. I’m not really fond of it at all.

I also had my interview with the potential agency that I will be doing my field placement with this Fall, Family Links. And I got the internship!! I start August 25th, and I’ll be doing group counseling/therapeutic sessions with 13 to 18 year olds one step away from being sent off to a youth detention center. The position is exactly what I want to do, to counsel and work with teenagers. Crazy, I know. I have peace about what my sweet Father has called me to do, and I know with all my heart that He will use me as the vessel He created me to be. I do desire as much prayer as I can get. :)

Let’s see, what else has been going on… We’re still waiting on the Depot to call Matthew about starting his co-op job. The job we’re desperately depending on to be able to get married in January. He should find out by the end of this week if he’s on the list of six that were hired out of the twelve applicants who were originally accepted. Please, please, please be in prayer for us about that as well. It’s been very difficult for me to be at peace about this. But I know in the deepest part of my heart that God is going to provide for us. He already has in more ways that we could ever tell.

That’s about all I can think of right now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post again sooner than I have been able to lately.

(Oh, and I had to add the picture just because it cracked me up. After a long day, we’re not the cutest, most photogenic two.)


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