Blimey limey?!

Roadtrips with Matthew have been nothing short of great this summer. Sadly, we haven’t been able to take as many as we had initially wanted, considering funds and money for trips have been minimal… but the few we have been able to make have been a blast so far.

This weekend we made a trip out to both my parents’ houses, Aroney and Boaz. We went to my Mom and stepdad Gary’s house/farm Friday night to stay and visit with them and my nephew Jackson. That boy is a complete and total rebel already. We had tons of fun playing chase with him up and down the hallway, though. His laugh is definitely the best. Especially when he gets really excited. He squeals. :) We left Aroney around noon today and went to see my Dad and stepmom Debby for a few hours before heading back to Hokes Bluff. Turns out they just bought the house that my dad and grandmother had been living in for the past twenty-something years. Definitely a God-thing. No more money-hungry loser landlord taking them for all they’re worth now. Their plan is to fix up the house, one project at a time, until they have restored it to turn around and sell it. After, they plan on getting a small house out in the country. Not surprising… of course both my parents would want to be country bumpkins…

But back to the actual roadtrip experience… Traditions have started! Limeades at departure, classic rock (i.e. Jefferson Airplane or Starship, depeding on my mood at the time) and covers during the trip, and random videos along the way as well. This boy suits me so well. :)


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