Happy Fourth!

This past weekend Matthew and I went to Boaz and Albertville to spend the 4th with my dad and step mom, mom and step dad. Such a crazy, but awesomely fun weekend. Chandler went with us. :) And surprisingly he did really well!! No getting car sick this time. He also was a big boy and rode in the backseat all by himself instead of trying to squeeze in the same seat with me.

We got to my dad’s around noon to help prep the food and start grilling before the rest of the family arrived, which was my sister Kae-Cee and her husband Jim, their two kids Brianna and Devin, and my other sister Tami and her husband Kevin, and their two kids Jayla and Kiera. Tami’s also 3 months pregnant, so we’ll have a neeeew baby soon!! Just in time for my and Matthew’s wedding. Their planning on naming him/her Carston. So cute!
Matthew was the head chef, or griller, of the day, definitely impressing everyone with the outcome of his culinary skills on the grill. Dad told him at least five times how good everything was when we finished eating. Everyone also loved Chandler, of course. :) And as typical grandparents, Dad and Debby spoiled him rotten, constantly sneaking him pieces of meat from the grill and about half a pack of bologna. Pretty sure he won’t be eating dog food for about a week.
After hanging out with everyone at Dad and Debby’s place, we headed to my Aunt Cindy and David’s house to hang out with my Mom, step dad Gary, Nanny, Uncle Wayne, cousins Jessica and Malynn, and nephews Jackson and Maddox for the rest of the day/evening. We grilled more, swam, and just hung out. Chandler did not like the idea of Matthew and I leaving him to swim. He literally climbed up the pool ladder to get back to us. Luckily, he’s still too young to still be leery of water, so he just stood there for a few seconds before Malynn ran over to get him down. After that, he just sat next to the pool and barked until we finally decided to get out. Such a spoiled puppy… We all got a good laugh out of him, though.
By the end of the day, we all were exhausted. It was fun taking Chandler to meet the entire family, and overall he did very well and seemed to like meeting everyone as long as Matthew and/or I was near. Papa Ricky was definitely his favorite person out of everyone, though. :) Which he would be mine too if he fed me half a pack of sandwich meat within the first hour of meeting him.
Oh, and on a random note, I FOUND THE BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSES!!

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