So blessed

I cannot even begin to say just how blessed Matthew and I are. He got the job at the Depot!!!!!!!! We’re both still in awe… It just seems so surreal. This job means we really CAN get married now, that we’re going to be financial okay on our own. All I can keep doing is just praising. Praising my sweet Father for His constant provision. From the evening Matthew proposed to me, I had no doubt in my heart that we were going to be able to make it. God had already provided so much beforehand, even before I knew. But that night, on our way back from Chandler Mountain after Matthew proposed, I felt God so heavy on my heart, in a sweet and peaceful way. Matthew had just told me everything about getting my ring, and the very first thing that came to my mind was how God had provided for this very moment. And I knew that from that moment on He would have us, safe and secure, throughout the remainder of our lives together. And like I said, since then He has only continued to reaffirm that in my heart. He is so very sweet.


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