Heading North… Southwest(ish),,, and further South.

What a summer I’ve gotten myself into!! Gladly, of course. This entire summer has consisted of work, work, and more work. Two jobs, one completely amazing, but the other not so much. Anyway, I’m so grateful for them; but summer just hasn’t been what it has been the past two years. After being in Monroe, Louisiana during Summer 2007 and Glorieta, New Mexico Summer 2008, being complacent has been rough. I need to explore. And, granted, I wanted a summer in Alabama for a change, but I also wanted the freedom of being able to take random trips every now and then. But with two jobs and a Sunday School class, obviously that hasn’t happened. BUT!! Once again my Jesus came through for me (because He knows exactly how I am… He created me this way!?!), and after this coming week, the next three weeks are going to be jam-packed with way too much goodness.

The first week in August, my mom, grandmother (Nanny), and I are packing up to head to Southfield, Michigan, which is right outside Detriot! The farthest north I’ve ever been; I think any of us have ever been. Mom has a conference to attend for her job, so instead of flying, she decided to drive and tag Nanny and I along with her. I AM WAY TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! And you would be too if you knew just how completely amazing these two are. And fun. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Sunday cannot get here fast enough.

Then, the next week, Matthew and I are heading to Monroe for a visit. And since you’ve already heard all about that… moving on…

And lastly is the annual Cunningham summer family trip to the beach!!!!! Once again, I’M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been to the beach in almost three years, which is rough for a beach-lover as myself. It will be the entire gang: Cindy and Jimmy (Matthew’s parents), Holly and Jon Mark (Matthew’s sister and her fiance), and Matthew and me. And from what I’ve heard, it’s quite a trip. Definitely many fun and unique personalities all going on vacation together… Should be interesting, but a blast nonetheless.

So I get a summer after all, 3 weeks of nothing but vacation after being contained in a very small environment for way too long. My two-weeks notice is in at both of my jobs, and only a week to go… And I have the feeling it will probably be a slow-going week…


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