Modern Toilet and other thoughts

well…yeah after you click this link you will be nice and surprised.
I twittered about this earlier.
My dad and I were watching tv and on this show called extreme restaraunts, we saw this.
It was a restaruant that served food in toilets. “Modern Toilet” is its name. Gag a maggot, I was nauseated watching the show. People are seriously running out of ideas. Entertaining nevertheless. Their mascot is a japanchi pink turd no lie
here you go->
fun times lol. thats all i really wanted to say. I just got a kick out of it.
asian people….
i guess american’s too…
we’re all weird in our own way

7 thoughts on “Modern Toilet and other thoughts

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    The person who is behind this concept is right for a round of applause and standing ovation. Who would thought of this kind of theme? No one but the master mind in this restaurant. The toilet bowl is like a throne for a princess.


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