Hillbilly ghetto fables

Once upon a time in a galaxy very close to ours,…

A young white boy named Al Sharpton was playing in the street. Little did he know that there was a dark man named Joe Jackson plotting to destroy this young wards life. Mr. Jackson had a top secret biological weapon that he was going to use on the boy. He shot little Sharpton, and he transformed into a black polireveratician. For years Sharpton gained fame as a 3rd party left wing man’s man aka polireveratician , and he raised enough money to fund scientific research and development of an ultra top secret biological weapon that he would use to aquire his own taste of revenge. On a day much like that fateful day little Sharpton was transformed, he spied young michael jackson (joe jackson’s son) playing on the streets. He zapped the young michael jackson and he turned into a plastic white man who had slippery moonwalking feet. Thus the legend and tragedy was born

the end


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