Long time overdue update

Wow, wow, wow… talk about long over due blog post. Soooo much has been happening in both of our lives right now, both separately as well as together. Let me try to think of it all…

Chandler left me for a better mommy. He’s been gone around a month and a half now, and little reminders of him are EVERYWHERE. Obviously, I miss him crazily. Matthew had given him a bath a few days before he came up missing, so he didn’t have his collar on. Plus he LOVED cars. He would try to sneak in anyone’s car whenever they opened a car door. And he loved to roam down in the woods around the ferry below Matthew’s house. So, we think that someone spotted him, thinking he was a stray, and he hopped in their car and they took off with their new-found pet. I was in Michigan with my mom and Nanny when he ran away, and Matthew tried to spare me by not telling me until the end of the trip. And I cried. A lot. My baby left me. For a better mommy. :(
On a lighter note, we’re closing into 100 days remaining until we’re MAAARRIED! 117 to be exact. And planning is slowly becoming more hectic. But knowing the fact that I soon will be Mrs. Matthew Cunningham makes it all so incredibly much better.
Matthew finally started his job at the Depot! I’ll let him explain more of that.
And I started my field internship!! And I absolutely love it! The agency, Family Links, is everything I could ask to work for. They’re a preventative/intervention agency working to promte the well-being of families through many, many programs for all ages. And they’re a 501(c)3 non-profit. Community supported. Grant funded. The staff is awesome. And I’ve already been pulled into a majority of the programs the agency facilitates. As of right now, I’m teaching the teenage girls’ class for Parent Project on Tuesday nights. I’m also assisting/conducting Internet Safety education among Calhoun County’s youth. I’m actually over Community Outreach, which entails me contacting local churches, youth organizations and clubs, etc. to conduct Internet Safety presentations with their children. http://www.netsmartz.org/. Definitely check it out sometime. I’ve also assisted with Success Academy students, but very little. I’m hoping to be able to work more with them soon. Which is what I’ve heard will happen once we get more students in. And last, I’ll soon be observing assessments of clients, eventually leading to me conducting my own. Which I’m the most nervous about. But my supervisor Lyndsey is incredibly and plans to go at the pace I’m confortable with. I would eventually LOVE to work for this agency, but funding is limited, so I’m just waiting for what God has in store for me career-wise. I know He knows the best for me and will have me where He wants me. I just hope it’s soon after graduation… :)
Busy, busy, busy… But it’s so nice. I just hope I won’t become too overwhelmed. Pray for me.

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