Quite the forgetful one.

I apologize for getting worse at this updating in somewhat of a consistent manner thing…

So the latest…

Matthew and I are only 65 DAYS away from being maaaarried! And I cannot express just how excited, happy, impatient, and anxious I am. Every day it all just gets worse. Especially since the bridal showers are now in full swing. We had our first shower October 18th at Covenant, our church and the church that Matthew grew up in. And, OH, the goodies we got. Seriously, I have never had so many gifts as I had there at one time. The only comparison would be something like a super-Christmas, but with being able to share it with Matthew. Our next shower is November 7th at Pine Grove, the church I grew up in and where we’re getting married at. I’m not sure what to expect from this one since the previous one blew my expectations far out of the water.

And staying on the wedding topic… I got my wedding dress. :) It’s seriously too beautiful for words. The minute I saw myself in the mirror, I saw myself walking down the aisle to Matthew wearing that dress. I’m keeping it a secret from him until the wedding, when I’m actually walking down the aisle to him. :) He knows I have it, just not what it looks like. My mom, my sister Vette, Matthew’s mom Cindy, Matthew’s sister Holly, and one of my dearest and closest friends Brittany all came with me to find the dress. And I cannot thank them enough for being there for me. The entire day made for an unforgettable one.

My internship at Family Links is still going well. I’m in the midst of case management and behavior intervention sessions, which I absolutely love. In class, I always had my doubts as to if social work was what I was meant to do; now, I know without a doubt since finally being put into the field that I am in fact meant to be a social worker. Still with teenagers, still serving others.

Graduation is December 18th… one word: HALLELUJAH.

Jessi and Lee got married!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Orange Beach/Fort Morgan, which made for a BEAUTIFUL wedding. The weather was absolutely perfect; not too hot but not too cold, with a slight breeze, bright blue sky with a few clouds here and there. Matthew and I were able to stay the entire weekend. It was SO GOOD to get away for that short amount of time! I fell so in love with Fort Morgan… We’re thinking about getting a beach house down on the coast sometime in the future, which hopefully retirement will allow for. :)

OH! And last, but not least… Next Thursday is my BIRTHDAY!! The big twenty-three. It’s difficult to grasp the fact that I have been alive for 23 years. So much has happened, yet only certain memories remain. I was reminded yesterday of something that happened waaaay back in high school that I had completely forgotten. Talk about realizing just how much of my life has already past. I can’t help but thank my sweet, sweet Father for every single bit of it. The good as well as the bad. I’m one to think that the bad always has a way of turning into good… as long as you allow it to be made into something that you can grow from. The biggest battles I have faced, especially the ones over the past two years, things that I could have NEVER imagined or could ever in the slightest way have foreseen, have ended up not only making me into more of a stronger person, but have led to me to trusting so much more in my Savior’s love and His faithfulness as well as simply just falling more in love with Him for that love and faithfulness. For 23 years, He has been steadfast, faithful, loving, and good. Definitely gives me faith in what the future holds. :)


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