I got the JOB!!

Yes, you heard right… I got a JOB!! Not just any job, however, but THE job I have relentlessly been interviewing for for the past month. And with two different locations of the same agency. But, yes. I got the job. I recieved a call yesterday from the regional manager of Youth Villages at Birmingham for the formal offer of a position at their agency as a Family Intervention Specialist. As a FIS, I will be working in-home with families either at-risk of their child being placed outside their home or families with a child/children being retransitioned back into their homes. I will be visiting my four to five families at least three times a week for intensive in-home therapy for the child and the family. The values of the agency coorelate greatly with the NASW (National Association of Social Work) Code of Ethics that I, as a BSW, am to abide by; as well as with the strengths-based system that I, again as a BSW student, was taught to practice by. So it seems my degree has set me up perfectly for this position, or at least I’m hoping it has. And I cannot be any more thankful than I am for this job. I’ll be doing what I love with people that I desire to help and empower.

There is a slight downturn, though, for me to be recieving the job in Birmingham… Matthew and I are going to have to move. But thankfully not too far from family and friends. We’re planning to move to either Pell City or Leeds to be halfway between both of our jobs, which will end up being roughly a thirty-minute drive for the both of us. We’re hoping to move soon since I will start working this coming Monday, February 8th. We’ll just have to tweak and work out our finances and look into getting a loan to buy a small starter home. YES!! We’re actually and seriously looking into getting a house soon!! Another thing to be ridiculously excited about. Once again, at this point in our life together, we could not be any more thankful to our sweet, sweet Savior for His abundance of blessings. Oh, He loves us so.

But, yes, so many changes are coming our way, and we’re prepped and ready to take them on (with our Jesus, of course). Pray for us!


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