Change of plans

Looks like we’re STAYING in JACKSONVILLE!! And I can’t say that I am not in the least bit EXCITED that we’re STAAAAYING!! My regional manager called me early this morning on my way back to Birmingham to start the employee process to offer me the position in ANNISTON, if I wanted it. And, of course, I DID! I wasn’t completely excited about moving… Yes, Birmingham has much more to offer as a city, but not family and Covenant. I guess my “travels” changed me into somewhat of a homebody. Once again, I am SO incredibly thankful for God allowing us to stay close to our family and friends. The plan now is to find a house near Oxford, preferably in the Eastaboga/Coldwater area. Maybe Weaver/Alexandria? But, yes, the main thing is WE ARE STAYING!! I think Matthew is slightly bummed that we’re not going to be near a more happenin’ city, but luckily we’re not too far for a trip every now and then.

To check out my agency, click the link.

Still keep us in prayer. :)


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