Once again I attempt a blog. I love creative outlets, and I can’t have just one. I photograph. I sew. I read. I journal. I have long spurts of doing each and long spurts of neglecting each. Now, once again, I’m in a “blogging spurt.”

I love the idea of blogging. I love the idea of sharing my mind and heart with others, Journaling to me is more of personal thoughts/conversations with my Abba Father, not to be shared within community. I like the idea of separating private writings, intimate and raw, on simple pages in raw permanent print, from open thoughts, where discussion and opinions are welcomed, and where I want to share my inner, somewhat edited self with those I love, on a more easily accessible object.

The inspiration for this new blog came from a friend from Glorieta, where I spent three months of my life during Summer 2008. It’s called “The 30-Day Blog Challenge.” Thanks Katie! I’m giving it a try.

Maybe, once the challenge is over, I’ll manage to continue this blog. Wish me luck!


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