30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Six


Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

This should be fun. :)

01: I have an allergy to cashews.
02: I’ve been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, not OCD. The difference? I’m obsessed with perfection and organization.
03: I don’t like the color pink.
04: I would rather sit beside a window to warm up.
05: Everyone, E-V-E-R-Y-ONE, thinks my sister and I are twins. We’re actually 19 months apart. And I’m the oldest.
06: I drink at least two liters of water a day. Yes, I’m that thirsty.
07: I was named after my grandmother.
08: I bite my nails.
09: I’m TERRIFIED of spiders. And heights. And knives.
10: As a kid, I was a big-time swimmer. My nicknames? Skipper and Superfish. I was that cool.
11: I’m an ISFJ. So is my husband.
12: Road trips make for the best vacations. At least in my opinion.
13: I’ve never smoked a cigarette. But I have smoked a pipe. (A tobacco pipe, not a bong.)
14: I live in the house I grew up in as a child. Elisha has my old room.
15: Yes, I was (note was) an emo kid. Before emo was cool.
16: My favorite writers are Donald Miller and Alice Walker. C.S. Lewis is pretty great, too.
17: I’m addicted to Teen Mom.
18: I cried watching the last episode of LOST. I was way too invested in that television series.
19: The only antibiotic I’m NOT allergic to is amoxicillin.
20: My mom always called me her “creative child.”
21: I love cinnamon hard candy. And cinnamon Orbit.
22: My best friend growing up was a stuffed yellow bunny named Thumper.
23: Black-eyed-susans are my favorite flowers. Just ask Lee Kennedy.
24: I love all things spicy. Like really spicy. Firey spicy.
25: And dark chocolate. Super dark chocolate.
26: I prefer a good pair of sweatpants and one of my Daddy’s flannel shirts or sweatshirts.
27: Salvador Dali is my all-time favorite artist.
28: I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee.
29: I miss Santa Fe.
30: I collect old/vintage tea cups and other dishes.

Glad you know a little more about me.


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