30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Eight


A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

A moment? There have been SO many moments in my life that have left me feeling satisfied. Graduating from high school. Graduating from COLLEGE. Getting married to a crazing amazing man. Carrying and giving birth to a crazy amazing baby boy. Moving back home. Having a deeply beautiful relationship with my Abba Father.

I’m satisfied with life because how my life has played out.

I’ve had opportunities to serve in places I NEVER thought I would. Doing things I NEVER thought I would, or could (flooring, roofing, mentoring). I’ve had adventures I never thought I would. I’ve had (and still have) relationships with the best people. I’ve grown in ways I never thought I could.

Life has left me satisfied with life.

There has always been more I could have done to make my life more interesting. To make my adventure more adventurous. But that’s not how it was written for me. My life, my adventure has been created specifically for ME. Life created for ME to live out, to grow from, to experience.
I was not meant to be any differently.

I wouldn’t have it any differently

I have a partner.

I have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy.
I have the absolute BEST mother and sister.
And best friends. :)
(Can’t believe this was 3 1/2 years ago!)
And the list goes on and on. The best family. The best in-laws. The best church. The best church family. The best pup. The best everything.
My life… is good.

3 thoughts on “30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Eight

  1. valiantdancer

    we do it's true!!!…i love this. i love you.we've come a long way, tara~sky~lovep.s.-joshua radin smiled at you through the phone. no joke. he saw what i was doing a smiled at me and then smiled at the phone. yet another moment to leave you feeling satisfied ;)


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