30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Ten


Discuss your first love and first kiss.

BAHAHA! Okay. Just remember… you asked for it.

My first love:
Funny thing. My mom and I were talking about this guy (and one particular incident involving him) a few days ago… In fifth grade, I met my first love. I wasn’t in love with him at this time… just introduced to him. We became friends somewhat and remained that way from fifth grade into our middle school years. In sixth grade (I was 12 years old), I realized I had a “thing” for this guy. We’ll call him Aaron. I began realizing “Hey, Aaron’s kind of cute. I wonder if he thinks I’m cute?” I finally (after a year of thinking he was cute) let him know that I thought he was cute. And he did! He thought I was cute, too! So. Of course. We became boyfriend and girlfriend. He came to my 13th birthday party. He walked with me to my classes. We sat beside each other in our classes (when assigned seats weren’t involved). And then came the Valentines’ Day dance during our seventh grade year (what a coincidence…). Well, I had this best friend. We’ll call her Lucy. Apparently, Lucy thought Aaron was cute too. And Lucy decided to let Aaron know she thought he was cute too. So now I’m sure you can guess how that scenario ended. Yes. Aaron broke up with me and became boyfriend and girlfriend with Lucy.

I. was. devastated.

My heart hurt.

BIG time.

That was MY boyfriend.


As most parents do, my dear, precious mom came to pick me up at the end of the dance. She was greeted to a sobbing, snot-nosed, heartbroken teenager. A teenager who just had her boyfriend STOLEN by her (so-called) best friend. And this is how precious my mother is. She sat with me in the parking lot outside the school trying to console me as I poured my heart out about how much I liked Aaron and how much of a hoochie my now ex-best friend Lucy was. She sat and listened to me for what seemed like forever.

Throughout the remainder of middle school I pined over that boy. I wrote “I love Aaron”, “Aaron and Tara Forever” on EVERYTHING. You know how young teenage girls are. Super dramatic.

Of course, I eventually got over him. High school did wonders. Oh, the mass of boys who I thought were cute… Aaron and I remained friends throughout high school, and sadly, our friendship dwindled once we both graduated and moved off to our separate colleges.

And now looking back on those years, back on that relationship, and experiencing the heartbreak I felt, I feel that I could label him as my first love. I may not have been “in love” with him as adults/soul mates are “in love” with one another; however, at my tender age of 13, that’s exactly how I felt. He was my first “love.”

And my first kiss:

There wasn’t that much too it. I was 14-years-old and it was a peck.

And I remember thinking “That’s it?” “That was my first kiss?!”

I kind of felt cheated. What was the big deal in that?!

We broke up about two weeks later.


2 thoughts on “30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Ten

  1. valiantdancer

    stupid boys… sometimes i wish the dumb ones would just go fall off a cliff;) i kid….p.s.-lucy is a HORRIBLE fake name for a bad person! you should have code-named her…. jadis or something equally evil!

  2. ljridgway

    I agree. Lucy is quite the bad name for an evil ex-besite. Moochie the hoochie would have been sufficient. Well, I guess Lucy and hoochie sound alike, too. LOL. BTW, first kisses are never how they are supposed to be. Still loving your blogs Tara. Keep them up. <3 Jessi Ann-Frying Pan


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