Vette & Jonathan, engaged.

My little sister is ENGAGED!!

(I wanted to wait until she had been able to post the proposal photos herself on Facebook before posting them myself…)

So, the story.

Matthew and I invited my sister Vette and her boyfriend (now fiance!!!) Jonathan out to eat with us for our Valentines’ Day date in Birmingham Saturday night. Once we got to Birmingham (two and a half hours early), we decided to walk around the Summit. During this downtime, Jonathan informs Matthew that he plans to propose to Vette tonight. I caught Jonathan with the ring out showing Matthew, and I flipped. Jonathan was PROPOSING!!! I had to quickly walk out of the store we were in and put my sunglasses on to hide my watery eyes from Vette. I was terrified I was going to give the surprise away to Vette with how I kept trying to make the night all about her. We went to her favorite stores (Vera Bradley, etc.). I talked about how Vette loved this, looked great in that, should buy this, to splurge and celebrate the night. I almost knew for sure she knew something was up. But apparently, she was clueless. So we went on to enjoy a GREAT dinner at the Village Tavern, with Jonathan going all out for Vette. Once dinner was over, I felt like I was going to lose it (that is, my food) I was so anxious and excited for what was about to happen. You just have to understand… my baby sister deserved what was coming after all she has been through with men and relationships (nothing against men or anything… she’s just had a few bad gos with a few bad guys). We got to the car and Jonathan opens the car door to place his leftover pasta in the backseat. Well, little Miss Vette gets in the car… The rest of us were standing outside the car looking at one another trying to figure out how to get Vette back out of the car without giving away the proposal. In my moment of spontaneity, I call for Vette to get back out of the car to look at something (what I had NO idea). She gets out of the car, walks to where I am, and asks if I had dropped my Post-it note. I look down and see where a random blue Post-it note was lying, and I go with it. Then I step away and Jonathan takes the place where I was standing, hand in pocket. I lift my camera, and shoot away…



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