30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Eleven

Day ELEVEN (on Day…. ?)

(I apologize… I started my new job this week. Kind of put a kink in my 30-Day Challenge.)

Put your Ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Well, I don’t quite have an Ipod. BUT, I do have a Zune. HD. It’s magical.

Anyway, putting my Zune HD on shuffle now… Here we go!

01: Day is Done by Nick Drake — Thanks, Britt. She introduced me to the beauty that is Nick Drake.

02: Surrounding (Or Spiraling) by The Silversun Pickups — An Amazon find. OH so good.

03: Hey Jealousy, a cover by Hit the Lights from Punk Goes ’90s — My precious husband and his maddening love of cover songs.

04: I Don’t Love You Anymore by William Fitzsimmons — Mmm. Will is love.

05: Deliver Me by David Crowder Band — DCB has to be my all-time favorite worship band. P.S. DC lives in the home of the creator of Dr. Pepper. Or so I’ve been told.

06: It’s All Happening on Broadway by Veda, now Vedera — My emo favorites. They’re not so much emo, I just liked them a whole lot when I was in my emo days.

07: Delicate by Damien Rice — Oh. This song. I love. Oh so very, very, very much. My best friend walked down the aisle to this song.

08: Smile by Matthew Cunningham — Aw. :) My sweet hubs wrote and recorded this song for me when we were dating. One of the MANY times we dated. We just had commitment issues. MAJOR commitment issues. Obviously, they’re resolved now.

09: Wonderwall, a cover by Cartel from Punk Goes ’90s — I. LOVE. THIS. SONG. The original and the hundred million other covers. This song. It is just good.

10: Momma Told Me Not to Come by Three Dog Night — Blame my step mother. She’s the reason I’m crazy in love with Jefferson Starship.


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