30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Twelve


Bullet your whole day.

  • Wake up to a happy baby drooling on my face. Daddy let Mommy sleep in.
  • Scrambled eggs with pepper and tabasco sauce.
  • Watch Fairly Oddparents with my boys while eating breakfast.
  • Daddy plays guitar to Mommy and Elisha.
  • Pack up to stay the night with Granna and Grandpa.
  • Load up the Jeep (baby, luggage, baby gear, Ashbie, Mommy, and Daddy).
  • Pick up a container of formula.
  • Arrive at Granna and Grandpa’s house.
  • Swing outside in the glorious sunshine with my boys.
  • Granna and Aunt Holly arrive home with groceries and grilling goods for the grilling feast tonight.
  • Elisha shows Granna his new Johnny-Jump-Up (also known as Sammy-Swinger). He prefers to swing than jump.
  • Granna and Daddy leave to pick up steaks for tonight.
  • Mommy and Elisha time.
  • Aunt Holly comes to visit Elisha.
  • Aunt Holly and Elisha time.
  • Mommy and Facebook/Blogger time.
  • Daddy and Granna begin marinading and prepping for the grilling feast.
  • Aunt Holly and Elisha time continues…
  • Tummy begins rumbling due to lovely smells coming from the kitchen.

Sunny family.

New shades. Enjoying the sunshine.

Later tonight:

  • Partaking of the grilling feast.
  • Netflix.
  • Bedtime.

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