30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Thirteen


Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

Oh goodness. My heart leapt when I read today’s topic.

The places I would like to move/visit… That would be New Orleans, Louisiana; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Greece.

(Seriously. You thought I could choose only one?)

New Orleans, Louisiana

This place feels ingrained in me… The first time I stepped foot in this beautifully eclectic and raw city, I feel in love. Deeply, madly in love. I want to live here one day. Maybe when Matthew and I are retired and Elisha is grown with a family of his own.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

This place as well has stolen a piece of me. I spent three months of Summer 2008 here, after making a spontaneous decision encouraged by a good friend. I can honestly say there is no place like this place. And this place would be another good place to live one day.

And then, there is Greece…

I’ve never had the opportunity to travel to Greece before, and I’m not exactly sure what draws me there. Maybe it’s the food. (I love me some Greek food.) Maybe it’s the Mediterranean culture itself and Greece being one of the primarily known countries in that region. All I know is that I feel drawn to visit there one day. To swim and sail in the Mediterranean sea. To taste authentic Greek food. To be enveloped within Greek culture and experience what’s left of Greek history. To be able to say I have traveled to Greece.


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