30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Fourteen


Your earliest memory.

When my little sister was a little  baby, I would always try to climb into her crib. That would be my earliest memory. Trying to climb into her crib.

Vette and me back in the day.

From what my mom has told us, I would always try to take care of Vette when she was a baby. Even though I was a baby myself… (we’re only 19 months apart). There are SO many photos mom took of us when I was trying to wipe her mouth, or hold her, or feed her, and of course trying to climb into her crib. Crazy I can actually remember that. Maybe it’s just the stories mixed with the photos that make it seem that I “remember” trying to climb into Vette’s crib with her. But the “memory” does seem a little more vivid than just a mixture of photos and stories.

The memory itself goes like this:

I remember climbing up Vette’s crib to lean in and check on her while she was napping one day. Mom just happened to walk by, and then I hear “TARA MARIE!” Mom then proceeds to pull me off the side of the crib and pat by hiney. That’s all I remember. But I remember Vette lying there in her crib asleep. I remember Mom vividly shouting my name. I remember my tummy hurting a little while I was trying to balance myself on the side of the crib to see Vette. I remember being taken down from the crib and patted on the bottom. I remember wanting to climb back up the crib to see her again.

I remember just wanting to make sure my sissy was okay. Wanting to take care of her like a good big sister should do.


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