30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Fifteen


Your favorite Bloggers.

And that would be:

Kenny and Bethany – friends from JSU/BCM, who are about to have their first sweet baby boy Malachi Caleb.
Andrew Belle – I love this man’s music. I’m addicted. He makes some pretty tasty food as well.
Becca Caviness – friend through a friend, documenting her life in Germany (of all places) stationed with her hubby Dallas and 6-month-old Norah Belle.
Haley Martin – Chrysalis friend, soon to marry her beau Jayson, April 14, 2012.
Lauryn and Randy Johnson – another friend from JSU/BCM (that would be Lauryn), planning for their first baby.
Rachel Sparkman – another friend from Chrysalis, who astounds me in her intellect and love for our Savior.
Campy – former roommate and BCMer, documenting her journey with her first child and life post-pregnancy and marriage.
Brittany P. Gilmore – my bestest friend.
Krissy Roberson – once again, another Chrysalis friend, and super crafter.

These are the only people I’ve been able to find thus far. I’m on the hunt. Help me find you. Seriously, I’ll subscribe. I LOVE reading blogs. Another addiction, I guess…

Seriously. Help me find you. (That is, if you have a blog.)


One thought on “30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Fifteen

  1. Shannon

    Hey Tara! I'm enjoying reading your blog. If you'd like to follow my adventures in Italy, I'm blogging (although admittedly infrequently) at shannonpaints.blogspot.comHave a lovely day :)


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