30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Nineteen


Why you blog…

I guess you could read the first post written on this blog to explain that reason… But, simply, I blog because I have thoughts/ideas/opinions that I want to document. To make known. To recieve others’ feedback/opinions on. I simply like the idea of blogging. To share one’s thoughts/ideas with others and to read and learn of others’ thoughts/ideas.

I guess to share a part of myself. Of my mind, thoughts, beliefs, etc. And to read and to know others’ along with my own.

Just to have another “creative” facet to express myself through.

And to be able to look back at my thoughts/beliefs at that certain time in my life… To compare and contrast where I was then with where I may be in the future. To be able to look back and think “I remember being in that place…” and to see how I’ve grown from that place to to the place I may be later in life.


Why do you blog?


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