30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-Two


How have you changed in the past 2 years?

August to December 2009
– I met my little brother Brayden for the first time.
– I graduated Jacksonville State University with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

January to December 2010
– I married my DH Matthew.
– I started my first “big girl” job at Youth Villages in Anniston as a Family Intervention Specialist.
– Matthew and I became pregnant with our first child Elisha.
– Matthew and I moved from Jacksonville to Albertville, into the same home I grew up in as a child.
– I gave birth to Elisha.
– My daddy went home to be with Jesus.

January to August 2011
– I started by second “big girl” job at Marshall Medical Centers as a social worker.
– I received my licensure in Social Work (LBSW).
– My little sissy became engaged!!
– Matthew and I became pregnant with our second child.
– Our second child went home to be with Jesus.
– Matthew graduated from Jacksonville State University with his Bachelor’s degree in Management.

It would have been very difficult for me to have actually written out in paragraph how much my life has changed, how I myself have changed, within the past two years. Outlining was much more simple. However, don’t let the “simplicity” of my outlining simplify how my life has changed, how I myself have changed, within the past two years. Out of those last two years, I think I have grown up and matured more than any other time period within my life. I’ve experienced the greatest joy and the greatest loss. Those highs and lows have forced me to grow up and mature, to learn how to truck forward and be a “big girl.”

The greatest thing, though, has been left out. There is absolutely no way I could include in my outline.

My spirit’s growth.

In those highs and lows, God has bestowed upon my heart the greatest peace, mercy, grace, and love I think I could ever experience (at least prior to finally standing before His presence in all perfection; before the veil is lifted and I see His face in all glory and honor). He has never left my side; He has never forsaken me in my weakness or sadness. He has proven that to me. He has shown me the intensity of His unending, steadfast love. What steadfast love and faithfulness means when He bestows those gifts on His Bride.

That when I awake, I am still with Him. Each and every day. Through each and every joy. Through each and every pain.

I am always with Him.


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