Birthday Blog (almost a month late…)

Our sweet baby (or should I now say toddler) boy Elisha is now the Big ONE!!

Saturday, November the 12th, we celebrated with family and close friends. We had chili and taco soup, all the fixings, Nana’s delicious cornbread, chips and dip (for the little ones and Vette), and cake. Sadly, our baby bug wasn’t feeling the greatest. Actually, he didn’t feel well at all.

(Notice those precious teary eyes…)
The temperature had dropped drastically from the day before, which added with the previous day with Daddy, Paw Paw, and Granna playing outside in the leaves, caused his allergies to flare up pretty badly making him a pretty sick baby. He woke up that morning with his eyes red and puffy and a really runny nose. For most of the morning he was super cranky, but thankfully he fell asleep about two hours before his party and didn’t wake up until almost fifteen minutes before. But even with the long nap, he woke up only feeling worse. Not only was he cranky, but he cried. About almost everything.
All I could do to console him was hold him. Even then, he still managed to squeeze out a few tears.
After finally settling him down a bit, we decided to open his gifts. Which he had more fun with… or at least didn’t cry.
After gifts, we proceeded with cake.
Which he wasn’t much too enthused about…
After a few bites, he just laid his head down on his shoulder and started to draw with his finger on his high chair tray… Needless to say, he was pitiful. Absolutely pitiful.
We cleaned him up after, and within minutes he was asleep again for nap number two for the day.
But thankfully after that nap, he woke up in a much better mood.
We sat him down with most of the other kids in the living room to play with his new toys. We finally had birthday success. He loved all of his new toys… so much so that he couldn’t keep his mind preoccupied with one long enough before he would become preoccupied with another.
That evening we attempted to give him the two-thirds of his smash cake that remained, which he ate a better part of, but still left almost half uneaten. And over the next few days we kept offering him cake; he kept refusing. So, Mommy and Daddy were left to eat the remaining half of the smash cake… along with the remainder of the big sheet cake.
Oh, the sacrifices of parenthood…

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