Lately, life…

Yes, I have gotten terrible about following up on the happenings with the Cunningham clan. After losing the previous pregnancy, I distanced myself from a lot, including essential relationships, so of course the blog would be one of the first things to be neglected.

But, in the infinite grace of my sweet Abba Father that will always be completely beyond my own understanding, I have found joy again. And now that there is also a lot less on my plate right now (this is officially my first day as a stay-at-home mom), I think I may need to reach back into this outlet before I become hopelessly lost in Blue’s Clues and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So, what has been going on with the Cunninghams as of last summer (as in Summer 2011)?


Check out this big, big boy! He is two months shy of being the big TWO-years-old and this picture captures the very essence of his personality. We’re in the planning stages of his Blue’s Clues birthday party and making his Blue costume for Halloween. Wish me luck… It’s been a while since I’ve been behind a sewing machine.

He’s still just the smelly husband. Oh, but I still love him so.


Today is the day we close on our new house in Hokes Bluff! Matthew and I decided to move closer to ANAD so he’s not wasing three hours of his day driving. But he won me over when he made the offer for me to become a stay-at-home mom since moving closer would knock out a huge chunk of our gas and day care expenses. We originally had planned to move to Oxford, but after some deep-thinking and revelation on my part, I realized I wouldn’t survive living far from my family again and we compromised on the Gadsden area. Matthew’s stipulation: either Hokes Bluff or Glencoe. I was more than happy.

Stay-at-home mom. That’s about it for me… Other than…


We are only two weeks from expecting the newest addition to our little family, Miss Shiloh Cate. We found out in February that we were expecting again, and could not have been more elated. She’s been a slightly rougher pregnancy than Elisha was, but I still can’t complain much (other than the sciatica). Pray for a safe, easy delivery and a beautifully perfect and healthy baby girl.

Like I said before, I plan on utilizing this outlet a lot more now that my world will be consumed with two little ones in just a couple of short weeks. Mommy’s more than going to need some extension out in the “big people” world.


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