Mommy joys & Mommy woes

Yesterday was our sweet Shiloh’s one-week birthday! It has seemed like both only one day and a full month since she entered our little family, but she has added such an exponential amount of joy that I can’t even fathom what our family was like without her now. And she’s completely different from her big brother. Not only can I lay her down and actually be able to get things done around our house (which is an absolute Godsend since we moved into our new house this past Saturday) but she’s taken to breastfeeding very well and doesn’t like her paci very much. I fear for WWIII when we attempt to wean Elisha off his paci.

Elisha holding Shiloh for the first time.
They melt your heart, right?
But with the incredible amount of joy Shiloh has added to our family, I’ve also been experiencing more Mommy woes this time than with Elisha. More post-partum depression (which I put the blame completely on Matthew for making me move in ONE DAY only four days after giving birth) and more disappointment with nursing as I’ve come to realize that yet again I’m not going to be able to exclusively breastfeed. And to those who know me very well, this was a huge goal for me with both my children. With Elisha we had to start supplementing with formula after he was three-days old. With Shiloh I was able to make it to a full week. I was SO excited and SO proud of myself for being able to exclusively breastfeed. Then the night of day seven came and I nursed Shiloh five times in a row to no avail. She just couldn’t be satisfied and I was completely empty. With a broken heart I sent Matthew to the store to fetch a set of bottles and formula. But when he was gone I realized that it was nothing I had done wrong myself, but that it’s probably just my body not being able to keep up. I had tried completely different techniques with Shiloh than with Elisha and still ended up with the same result. Once she had an ounce and a half of formula in her belly she collapsed into the sweetest slumber. I know she had to be just as exhausted as I was with crying and continually trying to nurse. Poor baby slept six hours before waking up to eat again.
Thankfully, I accepted a lot quicker (a whole lot quicker) that she will need to be supplemented as well and that it’s not my fault, at least consciously my fault. As Matthew reminded me, our Father made me exactly the way I’m supposed to be with no mistakes or faults. I’m meant to have my strengths and weaknesses, all for His glory and praise. Just as He made my precious babies and super handsome hubby.
So, to end my rambling… On to more pictures of our sweet Shiloh. :)
One day old

Two days old

Such a good big brother… :)


I had to sneak one in of Brother. :)

Hope you’re having a good week! 

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