One lesson learned…

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who usually have to learn life lessons the hard way…

One of those people who knows there are just some things you absolutely do not do, things that other people have learned the hard way themselves or know as a general rule.

Yesterday, I learned a very valuable lesson. The hard way.

My dear husband volunteered me to cook Mexican cornbread (cornbread with sharp cheddar, diced jalapenos, and sweet corn) for his Thanksgiving lunch at work today. After a loooong day of Elisha being in one of his jealous moods, where I’m unable to simply look at Shiloh without him screaming for me to hold him, and Shiloh consistently crying everytime I tried to lay her down, I was in one of the Mommy-moods of just letting them both cry it out. Well, as I’m in the kitchen working on Matthew’s cornbread I hear Shiloh start crying again… I was in no hurry to get to her since I had just lay her down swaddled in a blanket on her Boppy pillow. I knew she was fine. That she just wanted me to hold her as she had done ALL day. She started crying even harder as soon as I cracked an egg. So I washed my hands, sighed, and walked back into the living room to find Elisha sitting on Shiloh’s head. SITTING.. ON TOP… OF. HER. HEAD. I yelled his name and ran as fast as I could to get him off of her. I threw him onto the other couch and picked up Shiloh to settle her down and check her over. I thank God for getting me into the living room when He did because Shiloh was panting and looked a little lethargic. But not even a few minutes later she was grunting normally (she doesn’t really coo), holding her head up, and looking around as nothing had even happened.

And so the lesson learned? Do not EVER leave a toddler in the same room ALONE with an infant. It’s not a huge rule or anything, but I can recall hearing it a few times since becoming a Mommy. Kind of like don’t leave an animal in the same room alone with a baby (and in no way am I referencing my son to a dog… it’s just a similar example).

So to all my expecting friends/readers out there, take this rule to heart. Even the sweetest child is curious and can become jealous. I never thought Elisha capable of hurting another child (he would bite himself instead of the other kids in daycare when he became upset). And I sincerely feel that he wasn’t intentionaly trying to hurt Shiloh. I think he just wanted her to stop crying and thought that means of doing so might work (which it would have if he had sat there long enough).

Here’s to lessons learned and taking advice with more than just a grain of salt.


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