30-Day Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

Day twenty-three

Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive.

There was a reason I stopped the 30-Day Blog Challenge on this particular post. When I first started this post several (quite several) months ago on this topic, I edited and edited and edited it. There was just something about it that bothered me…

“How would Matthew feel seeing this post?”

So I decided to change this post up a little. I would rather post photos of five famous men whom I find attractive because they have certain qualities of my husband that I find attractive.

Aaron Gillespie — former UnderOath drummer/vocalist.

What is it about this guy? He reminds me of my husband when I first met him. Passionate about God. Passionate about hardcore/post-hardcore music. Passionate about worship in music.

Dallas Green

What is it about this guy? You’re thinking the beard, right? Once again, he reminds me of my husband when I first met him. But a little differently. Definitely passionate about music, but more so for going his own way. Anyone who knows Matthew remotely well can tell you there is no count to how many bands Matthew has been in/created. But I’m coming to find out that he does so because the music he writes is so complex that it’s difficult to contain in just one genre. Therefore, he writes songs for multiple genres and creates bands for those multiple genres.
Mr. Green was the former vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for Alexisonfire, another post-hardcore band. But he left to pursue City and Colour, which I love way more.

Ewan McGregor

What is it about this guy? Once again, you’re thinking the beard, right? Maybe I do have a thing for scruffy beards… But no. Think more along the lines of Moulin Rouge. Mr. McGregor plays Christian who is a poet seeking to become part of the Bohemian Revolution in France. He falls in love with Satine who is the star performer and courtesan dying of Tuberculosis. Christian pursues Satine with all of his being, fighting for her endlessly and tirelessly despite everyone trying to push them apart. His pursuit of Satine reminds me a lot of Matthew pursuing me and trying to win my trust back after crushing my heart so many times during our early dating period. And despite me trying to push him away and all the circumstances against us, he continued to pursue me until he finally won my heart. (Blah, blah, blah, cheesy, I know…) But it’s truth. :)

Eric Bana

What is it about this guy? Okay, so yes, I do have a thing for scruffy beards. But, no. If you have ever seen Troy, Mr. Bana plays Hector the heir to Troy prior to its fall. Hector gives himself completely and ultimately, even sacrificially, for those he loves. Daily I see how Matthew gives selflessly of himself for those he loves, especially to me and our children.

Rhett Butler

What is it about this guy? Clark Gable as Rhett Butler just makes me swoon. You know… like my husband. :)


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