Shiloh Cate is 4-months-old!

Shiloh Cate is 4-months-old!

Our sweet baby Shiloh is 4-months-old today! And she is the epitome of sweetness. She has such a gentle spirit about her and will make your heart swoon.

Shiloh, you are…
– rolling over so much now!
– eating rice cereal in your bottles
– talking up a storm to anyone who will listen (which is pretty much anyone within hearing range)
– laughing when Mommy laughs
– teething (which is absolutely miserable for you)
– sleeping in your crib, in your pretty pink nursery

Sweet Shiloh, you are beyond precious to your family. Each day you steal our hearts in some new way with all you are learning to do. Mommy, Daddy, and Brother love you oh so much.


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