Texture mixing

I was recently inspired by Kate over at The Small Things Blog when she posted about experimenting with different textures and patterns. In her post, she challenges her readers to do their own experimenting, so I gave it a try. And here is what resulted with my first try:


I was also inspired by the new Prabal Gurung line at Target. I adore all things floral. And this sweater.


And I am pretty pleased with myself actually. However, my sister says I’m weird when it comes to fashion, so I’m not quite sure how others will/have percieved my experiment.

So let me know what you think! Does it work? Or am I just weird.

Sweater: Old Navy (a Christmas present from my SIL)
Scarf: pickup at a thrift store near Birmingham (many moons ago in my college days)

The sweater/scarf duo was paired with dark wash bootcut jeans (also from Old Navy) and suede black flats (from Zulily).


2 thoughts on “Texture mixing

  1. Marthafied

    Love it!! I have to say, I am all about the bold statement… so mixing the textures/patterns is something does not scare me…lol. The cobination looks really fresh and spring-like!


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