{Reblog} Pick from London Fashion Week 2013.

I had to reblog this post from Kris at Deliciously Marthafied because this is a trend I can completely get on board with.

Issa Autumn/Winter 2013.

“…the casual elegance of wearing turtlenecks under glam dresses, and the long boots under billowing dresses.”


Please check out the post on her blog. Kris briefly explains how Issa is a favorite of Kate Middleton, who is one of my most favorite ladies simply for her classic, modest (as in not boring, but unrevealing) style. Modesty is a style I wish to not only exhibit myself but pass on to my sweet Shiloh. To teach her how to be stylish however also respectful to herself. So I’m continually scoping out styles and trends that do just that. (Props to Issa)

Plus, what girl doesn’t like flowy dresses? Nothing makes you feel more feminine and lady-like.

I’m sad to say though I’m not quite sure if I’m on board with the wide-brimmed hats. It’s a bit too London-esq for my taste. The only big hat I see in my future is a red, floppy sun hat under a big blue sky on a white sandy beach. (Beach fever overload over here)

Here’s to learning how to recreate this style in the coming months!


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