{Pinterest DIY} Hand-Me-Down Dress

Confession: I love hand-me-downs.

So when I found this pin on Pinterest for turning a little boy’s button-up shirt into a dress for a baby girl, I was ecstatic seeing that I had a 23-month-old boy and a little baby girl on the way. I wanted to repurpose as much of his baby clothes as I could for her, but seeing that she was a girl and he is a little boy that was going to be a tough challenge.

Until this fabulous lady and her blog found here. (Tips for Dressing a Stylish Baby Girl)

{original pin image}

With a few accessories she was able to turn several baby boy pieces of clothing into pieces for baby girls. WIN!

However, I also received a few (and by few I mean several garbage bags full) of hand-me-downs from Matthew’s cousin Laura, who has a pair of twins (boy and girl) about a year younger than Elisha and a year older than Shiloh and an older daughter who is three. So I was able to repurpose one of Katie’s (the oldest daughter) blouses into a dress for Shiloh as well. SCORE!


First we started with Katie’s top:


Under both dresses I layered a short-sleeve white onesie and a pair of white leggings:


Leggings : Target
Onesie : hand-me-down from Elisha

Of course you can change it up with other colors and patterns; I just tried to keep it simple for the tutorial. Either way, you gotta keep that sweet baby warm.

Add top and accessories, and ta-da!


Headband : 12-pack ordered from a shop featured on Zulily
Flower : Hobby Lobby
Shoes : BabyGap

Now for Elisha’s button-up:


Once again, accessorize and ta-da!


Sweater cardigan : Carter’s
Shoes : Sears
Headband : DIY from an old t-shirt

There are oh so many ways to accessorize and play-up big kid shirts for babies and tots. All you need is to try and try some more!


{For the DIY for the t-shirt headband, here’s the link}

Hope you enjoyed this super simple way to use hand-me-downs. And please, if you have any ideas of your own, leave feedback for the rest of us to learn about!


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