{DIY} Refashed Baby Bibs

Check out the slew of receiving blankets I have!


Take away the three pink/flower print cloths and add as many blue cloths as there are green ones and you have the total number of blankets I used with Elisha as burp cloths. The kid spit-up like a maniac.

Now that he’s two I no longer need such a stack in burp cloths but in bibs. You see, little Shiloh rarely ever spits-up; however, she drools. And drools. And drools. The girl could easily go through every single bib she has (plus a few handed down from Elisha) in a day. Actually, she has.

So what’s a Mommy to do? Go buy more bibs?

Not this Mommy. Not with a stash of super-absorbant receiving blankets that NEVER get used! Time to refash!

First, I folded one of the blankets in half. And then took one of my favorite bibs (because it’s huge!) to use as my template.


Side note: I regularly use washable markers on fabric when sewing. I usually have them on hand instead of fabric chalk since I have a two-year-old and all. It washes out just the same.

Next, I pinned my sides down and cut.


Do the same for the neckhole.


Now sew all the sides down and the neckhole, and voila! Bib!


I decided to stitch on the outside for a cute little fray. And for added durability and cute detail I double-stitched the sides (I left the neckhole a single-stitch).

How do you like my new refashed bib?


I promise she likes it! Just a small glimpse into the home of a teething baby.

If after the refash you come to find the bib doesn’t quite fit over your sweet baby’s head (as in the case with Shiloh), you can cut down the back of the neckhole and sew a button or ribbon or for a no-sew fix adhere a piece of velcro. I chose the button/ribbon option. The ribbon is definitely my favorite.


And as always, leave me your input!

How cute would these be monogrammed?!


5 thoughts on “{DIY} Refashed Baby Bibs

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  3. Bean and Me

    This is such an easy way to make a bib. I think if you can find any sheets or pillowcases around the house you could use this a guide. Who says you need to buy bibs from the shops! Great post.


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