{Refashion} Navy Striped Skirt

One of my biggest inspirations for starting to refashion and repurpose things I don’t use anymore (other than Pinterest) is Jillian over at Refashionista.net. When I first found her blog I was in awe. This super lady can turn the ugliest item you could ever find (and yes, she has found them) into AMAZING pieces to add to her wardrobe, saving tons and tons of dinero.

Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), I need more than just an outlet to keep my sanity. I need to contribute to our budget just as Matthew does working to support the four of us by spending less on the luxuries. So here, my friends, begins my adventures in refashioning.

Like my lovely navy striped pajama pants?


Because I do. I received these from my amazing MIL (how many wives can say that?!) for Christmas after my sweet Elisha was born. During my pregnancy I gained 50+ lbs, so needless to say these no longer fit. But I couldn’t just give them up… So begins my adventures in refashioning!

My inspiration came from this lovely skirt found at Old Navy:


I got to cutting…


I cut the inside seams and folded like so:


This is where things got a little difficult. I forgot to sew the pockets down, so when I started cutting the first pocket out I was left with a large gaping hole. So I completely cropped the top part off, leaving two separate pieces to work with and pinned the sides together wrong-side out.


Then I stitched up one side, leaving the original bottom hem open to thread through my drawstring. This is going to be the top of my skirt.


I learned to use a safety pin to thread back in 8th grade home economics… The random things you remember.

After, I stitched up the other side leaving the bottom hem open as well to let the drawstring hang out. I evened the strings up and sewed them down the back hem, closing it. This is going to be the back of my skirt. I really hope this isn’t getting too confusing…


After sewing up both sides, I tried on the skirt and it was still way too big. So I pinned the two sides at the top to make it fit around my waist better and took it off to repin the sides down for a more fitted look. I measured 2 cm from the first stitch and marked the dots where I would place each pin.


I’m being honest when I say I use washable markers often when sewing.

After I stitched down each side again, I tried the skirt back on and it fit fantastically! Then I placed a pin where I wanted the new hem to fall, turned it wrong-side out again, pinned all around the bottom, and stitched it down.


In hindsight, it would have been much easier sewing the hem if I would have cut it first before pinning and stitching. But you live and learn when you first break into sewing on an almost-daily basis.

And ta-da! New skirt!


Shirt : Old Navy
Tank : Forever21
Shoes : Ash Corduroy TOMS

I even had enough fabric left over from the new hem to have a new infinity scarf! A two-for-one win!

Now this girl is ready for Spring and much, much warmer weather!

Oh, and I almost forgot. This post wouldn’t have been without my two hunky assistants:


Back off, ladies… They’re all mine.

If you have questions or comments, please leave them! Hope you all have a good weekend!


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