{Thrifted} LS Blouse by James Kenrod by Dalton

Along with my new venture into refashioning, I’ve also decided to dive back into the world of thrifting. I loved thrifting back in my college days; however, once the last two years at JSU kicked into full-gear, thrifting went to the back-burner along with most other things in my life not related to my degree.

And I feel pretty great about my first find! My sweet husband freed me from our kids for an hour and a half just to let me go shopping. And much to my surprise I came back to all three of them still in one piece.

This blouse declares it is time for Spring! Do you hear that Mr. Sun?


And this print, it makes me swoon.


I couldn’t find much info for this designer/brand… I did find several Etsy and eBay shops selling other pieces from the brand. Several happened to be from the ’70s, which makes me super happy to even remotely consider this might be vintage. So if anyone does have any info please let me know!

The top also came with a sash, but I decided to pair it with a belt instead.


Belt : Old Navy
Tank : Buckle
Black skinny jeans : Old Navy

This lovely wasn’t my only find from the weekend, but I plan on saving those for other thrifted posts to come. I also picked up another refashion, so stick around to see the result.

Hope you’re all having a great Monday! My two and I have been up since 4:45am, so here’s to a long nap later today.


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