Pleat & tee + photo bomb


How pretty is this look? I knew I had to attempt it, but seeing that I have no pleated skirt in my closet at this time (I’m on a mission to find one, either thrifted or refashioned) I had to make do with one of my favorite skirts. Such a shame, right?


In keeping with big floral prints for Spring, here’s my attempt:


Including one of the most precious, in my opinion, photo-bombs ever…

Fitted t-shirt : Gap
Belt : Old Navy
Skirt : Belk
Brown wedges (not pictured) : Payless Shoes

It made me feel dainty.

I figured out the reasoning behind the need for a pleated skirt… To prevent frumpiness. In several of my photos I ended up looking pregnant again (which I AM NOT). So I may actually end up refashioning this skirt because no matter how I try to wear it, high-waist, mid-waist, or at the hip, I end up looking a little “fuller” and shorter than I actually am. Being petite-sized can be fashionably difficult sometimes.

TGIF, friends!

A little inspiration to kick off your weekend:



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