{Refashion} Baseball tee

After scouring the internet for solutions to my 100% cotton stitchery issues, I found that the tension was set too high on my sewing machine…

All that frustration over a little tension… Insert more tension between myself and my sewing machine here.

This is what the zig-zag stitch did to the bottom of the tee:


I had no idea what else to do at this point but set the shirt aside and give myself time to ponder (and research) what I had done wrong.

And post a blog about the fail, found here: Refash Fail No. 1 + Pinspiration

But just as I stated at the end of the previous post, I was determined to make this shirt. And I did just that!

Here is the piece before the refashion:


Sleep-and-play : Old Navy

My sweet MIL bought this for Elisha last summer and the only thing he’s outgrown is the length. I adore the little zebras and birds and the material’s super softness, so I decided to try and refashion it into a baseball tee.

I used one of his shirts with a good length to measure the length of the refash tee.


Since the length of the shirt that I was using to measure came so close to the top closure of the one-piece, I decided to measure the distance between them and use that for my hem. (If I had not measured enough for a hem, then the refash would have been an ultimate fail… You’ll see why further down.)


Why, hello yellow dot.

I measured and marked 1 1/2cm across the shirt, pinned at my dots, and made a big chop.


I’m thinking about using the leftover legs to refash a pair of leg-warmers for Shiloh.

Then I folded, pressed, and pinned my hem down. I first tried a simple straight stitch, which bunched up my fabric. Then I tried a zig-zag stitch, which stretched my hem.


Fast forward three hours later after much research and pondering…

I grabbed one of Elisha’s button-up shirts to use to measure the scoop bottom that most baseball tees have as well, and made another big chop.



This is why I was thankful I allowed length for a hem. Otherwise, the shirt would have been too short.

After I chopped, I lowered the tension on my sewing machine and sewed a single stitch about 1/8in from the bottom. I had planned to just leave the bottom raw, thinking that it wouldn’t fray. And it shouldn’t, but I read that it does run. And much to my surprise the stitch was perfect! No bunching or stretching.

Here’s my little stud muffin sporting his new refashed baseball tee:


As you can tell, our dining room and table has turned into my sewing/DIY room and table. Thank my husband for forgetting to trash the empty Diet Dr. Pepper box in the back.

For all you expert sewing ladies and gents out there, please feel free to leave me more advice on working with 100% cotton.

Hope you all enjoy this sweet refash!


9 thoughts on “{Refashion} Baseball tee

  1. Holly

    That is such a good idea! Lyla is already outgrowing her 0-3 month sleep and play outfits because of how long she is getting…she’s a beast!

    1. tarapcunningham Post author

      Haha! Poor Shiloh’s just now starting to out grow her 0-3 months clothes and getting too long for her 3-months sleepers. Lyla’s going to have to start giving Shiloh her hand-me-downs instead of Shiloh giving her’s to Lyla…lol.

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  3. Lauren

    What a cute little model you have-love the new top! Thank you for contributing to Refashion First Friday!

    & Refashion Co-Op Editors


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