{Thrifted} GAP flats + Date Night no. 2

I’ve been in the market for another pair of red flats since my first pair gave up the good fight back in 2008. Fast forward to 2013 and still no luck in finding “the pair” of red flats.

It’s quite serendipitous how I came to get my new pair…

The same day I decided to start my thrifting adventures again, so did my MIL and SIL. We even ended up at the same store but at different times during the day.

Later that night, as we do on most Saturday nights, Matthew and I grabbed up the kids to make the 1-mile trek to Granna and Paw-Paw’s house (my parents-in-law) to eat dinner. While Cindy was cooking she told me she and Holly had also been thrifting that day and she had bought a pair of flats that were too small for her. Later that evening she gave them to me to see if they would fit and as I laid eyes on them, perfectly intact and with no flaw, I knew we were simply meant to be.

Red flats : GAP {thrifted}

I make it sound like a love story because after owning a pair of red flats you come to love the feeling of wearing them. Oh so feminine and perfect for a subtle pop of color.

These are the perfect shade of red, not too bright or too dull. And the ruffles, oh how I love those little ruffles.

I wore them on our second date night.


Grey boyfriend-ish sweater : GAP
Wide-leg trouser jeans : GAP
Shirt : Old Navy
Tank : Forever21

You could turn away a sweet boy who wanted a photo taken with his dinosaur?

Matthew and I went out for dinner at one of his favorite Chinese restaurants, and I talked him into a short thrifting trip after. And as most parents do, we talked and laughed over the silly things our kids do and how weird it was not having them around. You start getting used to the screaming and their banche-like demeanor.

Crappy cell phone pic. He’s still quite a handsome fellow, though.


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