{Refashion} NY&Co loose-fit tee

As most of you have come to know I’m quite petite. But after two babies, my hips are not quite that petite (width-wise) anymore, which makes shopping that much more difficult. But thankfully, now that I’m learning to refashion clothes shopping has become a little easier.

Here’s a thrift store pick-up that I specifically bought to refashion:


As you can tell, the hem fits pretty well around my hips for a loose-fitted tee, but at my natural waist and under the arms the shirt is a little too loose to pull off the loose-fitted look. The length is also great. Not too long, not too short.


I used one of my favorite fitted tees to use as my guide.

Another lesson learned, make sure the integrity of one tee is the same as the other. The fitted tee is more of a softer knit than my refashion tee… So I after I pinned and sewed down the sides, my refashed tee was a little too snug for comfort. It especially accentuated my post-baby pooch. I ended up having to rip out my seams and start all over again.

For more of the loose-fit I was going for, I should have pinned about an inch away from my fitted tee. Common sense, Tara… LOOSE fit.


So I repinned and sewed down the newly measured sides hoping for a better outcome. I tried the tee back on and it fit perfectly!


Not too loose as before. Not too tight as my first measurements. Not too long. Not too short.

After making sure it fit well, I cut off the extra material at the sides and sewed down the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch. Still learning about that stitching issue…

Here’s the end refashion!


This top will be perfect come football season to cheer on my alumni Gamecocks! Praying for a half-way decent season like the last.

Hope you’re having a great Monday after springing forward this weekend. No 5am for this momma! We all slept until 6:30am. See? There are perks to daylight-savings time.


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