ELC’s room redo

I’ve been scouring Etsy and Pinterest for ideas on transitioning Elisha’s room from nursery-ish to look more like something a “big boy” would have. We decorated his nursery in a nautical theme, but now that he’s two-years-old his preferences are budding more and more, and he’s not that into nautical things. He likes cars and trucks and tractors and “fiwer-cucks” (also known as firetrucks in the traditional English language). He especially likes Mater from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. On a daily basis we watch Mater’s Tall Tales at least five times on Netflix. He sees the the big red screen and instantaneously yells “May-ner! May-ner! May-ner! May-ner!” (similarly to a broken record).

His Granna hasn’t helped things by buying him a Cars sheet set. And people wonder why he’s a Granna’s boy… :)

So now my OCD-self is stuck with a room partly decorated with sailboats, whales, all sorts of nautical-esq things and a twin bed with Lightning McQueen and Mater plastered everywhere. Did I also mention he has a Cars pop-up tent? Overload.

Inspiration hit yesterday and I thought, “Why not redecorate his room in an automobile theme?” Not necessarily Cars, LM, and Mater, but kind of a 60’s-80’s automobile mixed theme. It may sound crazy, so maybe this will help it make sense in your mind.

This is ELC’s current room:




Most of the prints and other decor was made by myself and other family (Nonna Cindy, YaYa, and Granny Penny). The little palm tree was made with Elisha’s footprints at VBS last summer.

Okay, so take away all the nautical themed things, and here’s my vision for his room over the next few months:





This is from a 1968 Olds… (insert sigh here)




Yes, this would be a headboard. I may cave and actually purchase this one…

I hope this brings to light better my vision for Elisha’s big boy room. I’m going to try to repurpose what I can before buying anything (which is why this why I’ve planned for transition to take several months). Wish me luck!

And please, if you have any ideas yourself leave them for me!! I need all the help I can get.

{This post was featured on DomesticSuperhero Link Party #2}


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