{Refashion} Button-up Dress Skirt

{This refashion was simplified and can be found here! Continue reading if you want your brain to hurt a little…}

Yes, you read that right. Skirt. Not shirt.

This shirt belonged to my husband waaaay back in the day when we were dating (about 8 years ago). He’s held on to it forever, never really wearing it other than under a brown sweater because of a hole in the top close to the collar. It’s also a little too big. I’ve always loved the color and material. So thoughtful of him to hang on to it for so long just for me to refashion. :)


First off, I removed the front pocket with that unsightly Duck Head emblem. Any duck emblem should solely belong to Duck Commander now.

Then marked a straight line with my measuring tape from one underarm to the other, making sure it was as straight as possible.


Big chop!


I used a skirt that fits me pretty well to measure the width my skirt should be. In order to keep the buttons centered, I divided that number in half and used that number to measure the width from the button hem (I’m not sure what it’s technically called so I’ll just refer to it as the button hem for now) to each side.

For example, the width of my skirt is 16 inches. So I measured 8 inches from the button hem to each side and pinned them down. I also added an extra 1 1/4 inch for a little extra room/hem allotment. You don’t want the buttons to look like they’re about to pop off your skirt.


Once both sides were pinned down, I sewed them down and tried it on to make sure it fit before chopping off the extra material.

So far, so good!


After I cut off the extra material, I went over my side seams with a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying/running. This material did a little of both pretty quickly after being cut.

The material is also a little too thin alone for my liking, so I grabbed an old t-shirt (also one of my hubby’s) to use for an inner lining. This is optional just depending if you feel comfortable with the thickness of your material.


I needed a little more length than what the body alone provided, so I trimmed off the sleeves and cut off what I needed using the skirt as a rough guide. Notice there’s a little more length at the bottom? I added a little excess on all sides and bottom since the t-shirt material is a little more “stretchy” than my dress shirt material. Lesson learned from an earlier refashion.


Then, I cut up one side of the t-shirt to lay flat to pin to my skirt. This is a perk to the button-up skirt. You just have to unbutton it and lay it flat on top of the lining, so it’s like you’re just sewing together two big pieces of material. Because, well, you are…


Once I had my lining laid out flat, I laid my unbuttoned skirt flat wrong-side-up on top of the lining making the hemmed bottom of the t-shirt to line up to the top peak of the shirt (to make sure it doesn’t show) and pinned them together. Then I pinned the sides and the top of the skirt to the lining to keep it from shifting when sewing the tops together. Also notice the extra material on both sides and the top. Taking no chances before cutting and sewing.


Once I sewed the tops together, I unpinned the sides and bottom of the skirt and flipped it right-side-out. Then, I pinned down the sides again to get the right width and trimmed the extra material off and unpinned. This was easier for me because after trimming from the inside you don’t HAVE to sew the sides down if you don’t want to.

I also ran a stitch down the top raw edges of the button hem to keep them from fraying/running.


I decided it would be easier to put in a drawstring versus sewing darts to take in the top for a for fitted-fit. I’ll probably end up doing it anyway, but did the drawstring for the “quick and easy” tutorial.

I made the casing for my drawstring by adding another stitch below the top hem.


Remember the top of the shirt I put to the side? Here’s where I used it.

I cut the seams from under both arms and stitched them together at one end to make my drawstring. Color coordinated!


I inserted my drawstring into the casing, buttoned up the skirt, and voila! My new button-up skirt. My most favorite refashion to-date!


Hope you enjoy! And please leave me any comments or questions. Seriously, I can make things seem a little more difficult than they should be. The pictures and captions should help. At least, that was my intention.

Oh, and happy Spring Eve!! After almost having my roof blown off yesterday, the whole transition from Winter weather to Spring weather should be over and sunshine should be here to STAY.


20 thoughts on “{Refashion} Button-up Dress Skirt

  1. diaryofamadmama

    Fantastic refashion! I have a bag of men’s shirts and I’ve been compiling different ideas on what to do with them. I’ll be adding this to the list. It looks super cute on you too! :)

  2. MammaNene

    Lovely refashion!
    And what I like best is the drawstring: fast, easy and coordinated = fashion!!!
    Found you trough Refashion co-op (I’m a contributor too)

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  5. Kaitlin @ Wunderbar

    I love men’s shirt refashions! Your t-shirt lining is pretty awesome too. You inspired me to try my own shirt to skirt refashion that I’ll be posting later this week. Thanks for linking up!!

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      Thanks so much! Make sure to check out the simplified tutorial on my latest post. OH so much simpler and much better coverage! Thanks again for checking out my blog. :)

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