{DIY} Gold-Tipped Flower Hair Clip

My inspiration for this DIY came from Kate’s tutorial for gold-dipped feathers over at The Small Things Blog. Oh so pretty and super easy!

But instead of feathers, I wanted to transform this little flower pin my Aunt Cindy (aka Nonna Cindy to E and S) gave Shiloh for Christmas along with two absolutely precious Christmas gowns. Aunt Cindy, if you’re reading this, those WILL be refashioned closer to Christmas. I already have plans in the making…

But seeing that she will get more use out of the pin as a hair clip, I decided to not only make it a hair clip but to also spruce it up a little more for Spring and Summer. Here’s the before pic:


It’s begging for more. So. much. more.

Here’s what you’ll need:


I think using a wider brush like the 1/2 to 1-inch brush works much better to get better overall coverage to make it look “dipped.” I foresee a lot of problems with using a smaller brush. Petals sticking together. Big clumps. Heavy coverage versus the light coverage you want.

Just squirt a blob of fabric paint and get to lightly brushing those tips. You don’t want too much paint brushed on at one time. You can always add more paint for the desired look, but trying to remove paint may not work out too well. Just a light dab and brush. Light dab and brush. Continue until you’ve made it all the way around the flower.


The paint should dry pretty fast, which is another reason you should only brush a little at a time. Once you’re done, your flower should look a little something like this:


I decided I wanted the center also gold. Obviously, that’s optional. I think it would look pretty either way.

To add the clip, just grab a plain hair clip and hot glue it to the back. Easy-peasy!

Now all my sweet Shiloh needs is some hair to rock her pretty new gold-tipped flower. We’re still in the peach-fuzz stage… Hoping any day now for some real hair!

On a side note, as most of the continental US, Alabama is once again expecting snow, sleet, and other freezing junk. So, so much for our 70 degrees. Here’s sweet Elisha enjoying the brief sunshine this past weekend. We took full advantage by grilling and just hanging out in Granna and Paw-Paw’s front yard.


It was unbelievably nice while it lasted.


6 thoughts on “{DIY} Gold-Tipped Flower Hair Clip

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      I have one in almost every color lol. She likes to pull them over her eyes, which makes her super mad; but otherwise she looks like a little bald boy wearing pink.

      1. diaryofamadmama

        That’s funny. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. My boys both had a ton of hair when they were little (often being mistaken for girls, even though I always dressed them in very boyish outfits). My daughter, however, was bald for a very long time and when she did start to get hair, it was so fine and blonde that it didn’t show up very well. I would always dress her in pink and usually in dresses and people would still come up to me and say “He’s so cute!” By the way, I love the name Shiloh. It’s so cute! :)

      2. taraallglorious Post author

        I feel your pain. Elisha has a ton of thick blonde hair… I knew as soon as I heard the name ‘Shiloh’ that’s what I wanted to name her. I’ve had a few people ask if she was named after Brangelina’s daughter, which she is NOT. l chose it because it’s biblical, meaning “peace” and “a place of tranquility.”

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