Drop Biscuits & Marriage

As most of my DIY projects, I found this recipe for Homemade Freezer Biscuits by the MoneySaving Mom on Pinterest. My husband has been encouraging me to branch out more into baking as he unfortunately has no gift for baking whatsoever and it seems I have somewhat a knack for it, at least when it comes to muffins and cornbread. The man can cook a slab of ribs or pulled-pork barbecue, grill a mean steak (or any other piece of meat or vegetable for that matter), smoke a mean turkey (or once again any other piece of meat for that matter)… I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you since I could easily go on and on about my amazing husband. He’s super hunky, a musical prodigy, a mathematical genius, a man of true integrity, completely genuine, confident in himself and his abilities… Seriously. I could go on.

Back to the biscuits, Tara…

Okay, back to the biscuits. This recipe seemed super easy and took me back to my awkward days in 8th grade home economics. Really, what made me think I should go back there?!

And this recipe is super easy. I just didn’t read between the fine lines. Margarine is not butter or shortening. Margarine is not listed as an optional ingredient for either butter or shortening.

Here’s the recipe:



Don’t make my mistake though and use margarine. DO NOT USE MARGARINE!!!! I cannot stress this enough!! Because this is what will happen…


Despite first dusting my hands and board with flour, then lightly coating my hands and board with cooking spray, nothing could keep this nasty mess from sticking to EVERYTHING. No ball could be formed. No dough could be kneaded. It stuck to everything in a horrifyingly icky-sticky mess. Maybe this is the result from my lack of basic knowledge in baking. Do most seasoned cooks know not to use margarine when baking?

Anyway, so at this point I wanted to give up and trash that ooey-gooey mess. But my ever-persistent husband (just another amazing quality of his) encouraged me to try making drop biscuits instead of neatly rolled, neatly cut biscuits out the neatly rolled dough. So I reluctantly “dropped” three biscuits onto a baking pan and Matthew popped them into the oven while I dropped more biscuits on sheets of parchment paper to be rolled up and put in zip-loc bags. Are drop biscuits just a southern thing or do most people know what a drop biscuit is?


Once they were all dropped, rolled, and bagged, I tossed the bags in the freezer to be cooked later as the original recipe intends.

And here’s the finished test drop biscuits:



Yes, they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! This recipe is flawless, as long as you don’t deviate from or substitute ingredients that are not to be deviated from or substituted. Like said margarine for butter or shortening.

Matthew definitely approves.


That hunk, ladies, is all mine.

Now out with that mess…


And on to a super delicious dinner!


So before you all start to think that Matthew and I are flawless and have this complete adoration for each other that utterly repulses those around us, please know that during this entire process of mixing and baking I wanted to stab my ridiculously bossy husband with a spoon. We DO NOT work well together in the kitchen. He’s bossy and a culinary know-it-all from the endless Food Network shows that he watches. I’m just relentlessly stubborn and bound to do things my own way. We make some beautiful babies together and have almost the same taste in music (other than his love for Metallica and my love for Taylor Swift), but as most other couples there are just somethings you just do not to together. Otherwise, you’ll be on the brink of either divorce or murder. That for us is cooking together.

Thankfully, Matthew was well-aware when to back off and he did. After three years of marriage and two kids under the age of three you simply learn those things about one another. Like when I should just give in and let him listen to Metallica on the classic rock station even though it almost brings me to the point of wanting to drive the car off into a wooded abyss. Or when he should give in and just let me learn from my own mistakes and not end up in the nearest emergency room with a spoon lodged in his chest.

I plan to make these again, but with butter and (hopefully) neatly rolled and neatly cut and neatly frozen. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Drop Biscuits & Marriage

  1. cloudsfullofrain

    Tara, you’re funny! You two remind me of my husband and I. Our thing is shopping. Oh my! He doesn’t like to do it, and I take forever and a day. You know I gotta find the best deals. So, I put him out of the store we were in. He didn’t leave though. Lol. He wanted to try and work on his attitude, so I let him. I made it through the store with all parties of the household still alive. Lol. Hey, we started making biscuits recently too. They are not drop biscuits, but they are most wonderful.

    1. taraallglorious Post author

      Matthew hates shopping as well. He’s into it for about 90 seconds then he’s ready to leave. That’s awesome your hubby at least made an attempt and survived the venture. :) You really have to try this recipe! They’re amazingly good.

  2. 2Momma2

    I just popped over to your blog from diaryofamadmama’s and you cracked me up! I read the beginning and thought, “life would be grand if I wanted to sing my husband’s praises like she does, but mostly he gets in my way and drives me crazy!” Then I got to the end and laughed out loud and thought, “oh ok, they are normal!” :) Anyway, “hi” – and I’m running off to read more!


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