{Thrifted} Maurices Sheer Ruffle Blouse

How could you say no to this pretty floral-print ruffle blouse?


Did I mention for only $3 and some change? That’s the beauty of thrift shopping. Near-perfect clothing found for pennies of the suggested retail price. The fabric is perfect, all buttons present and securely in tact, even the skinny-mini string that’s meant to be a belt was looped in. It really looks as if it’s never been worn.

Here are some close-ups:



What other print did you expect from me but floral?

I scrapped that stringy-thing for a belt and picked out a belt handed down to me along with a dress my mother wore back when I was in elementary school. I’m planning an awesome refashion with it once I get brave enough to do it. I think it’s the sentimental value of it that’s holding me back.



Still loving that refashioned skirt, found here.

And look at these two cuties playing so well together. Mommy likes this oh so much better than Elisha trying to sit on or drive trucks on Shiloh’s head.




7 thoughts on “{Thrifted} Maurices Sheer Ruffle Blouse

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