{Refashion} Baby Mint Cardigan + Birthday Visit

I should have done this refashion for Saint Patty’s Day. But alas, it has passed and Easter now approaches. Either way, this little cardigan I refashed for Shiloh is the perfect color for Spring. It’s also long-sleeved making it even more perfect for Spring seeing that it is never really coming and we’re all stuck in this perpetual winter.

The before onesie that Shiloh has now outgrown (lengthwise):


A family friend of ours gave this to Shiloh and I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. I’m thinking it was those ruffles and that little embroidered flower. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too Southern for my own good…

I just couldn’t get myself to pass it on to the countless other new baby girls in my family, church family, or friend families. One big chop…


…and a quick hem to sew down that raw edge.



A simple new refashioned cardi that Shiloh can continue to wear!

Notice the slightly stretched bottom hem? I consulted my personal professional seamstress (that would be my Mom) who explained that happened not from my tension setting but that I needed to sew a “non-stretchy” material (like bias tape) along the inside of my hem to keep the bottom edge from stretching like the above. If I haven’t mentioned it or you haven’t figured out yet, I’m still very much a beginner. All my sewing knowledge comes from my 8th grade Home Economics class. That would be a good 10+ years ago. Other times, I just wing it with how I think it might work out okay…

This little refashion is not the best part of this post. This is the best part of this post: this little man’s birthday!










More birthday shots to come from his birthday party this Saturday. Hoping Elisha isn’t scared of the bouncy houses this year… But if so, at least there will be swings and tons of other things to climb on and slide down.

We’re also celebrating Easter at my Mom’s house this weekend with my sister and Jackson! Photos to come of the kids sporting their spiffy new Easter outfits and of the indoor egg hunt (since it will not only be cold but raining in NE Alabama).

So the remainder of this week for me will consist of finding the perfect birthday gift for JL, putting Easter baskets together, assisting Matthew with making pulled-pork barbeque and mac-and-cheese, dying eggs, and whatever else birthday party and Easter-related things pop up before the weekend. There will most likely be photos of all that too. I tend to get a little excited over holidays now that I have kids.


13 thoughts on “{Refashion} Baby Mint Cardigan + Birthday Visit

  1. jserrett13

    So cute! Love the pics. If I had a girl, I’d go so overboard haha. And we are all too southern for our own good (even if we don’t want to admit it).

  2. ourlifeinaction

    Oh you little ones are so cute! My little man will be 5 in September and he just recently said that he wouldn’t mind having a baby sister…LOL – uhhh okay honey we’ll get right on that. ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog and the like. :-D

  3. arzea

    OMG That onesie as a top is 100 times cuter! I can’t believe how clever that is! Thanks for sharing at Domestic Superhero Sharing Thursdays!

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